I provide 6 types of services in my areas of specialisation:

  1. Translation of French (source language) into English (target language)
  2. Localisation of French into UK or Australian English
  3. Editing or rewriting of English translations or texts written directly in English by a native or near-native level English speaker
  4. Voice-over in French and English

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Not familiar with the above terms? Not sure which service you need? Read on for a short explanation.

“Just a short note to thank you for the work you did in translating the proposal. I think that your promptness was an important factor in us getting a firm order today” – Jean-Pierre A., Company Director

Whereas interpretation deals with translating spoken words, translation deals with written words. It involves knowing not just the structure of the language to be translated, but the cultural framework that surrounds it. The source document must be understood on both a word-for-word and a conceptual level, so that its meaning may be conveyed in the target language, in a natural and idiomatic style that is free of spelling and grammatical errors.

A good translation should read as though it was written directly in the target language.

Localisation is the term used when a product or service is introduced to another country. It is not simply a case of translating instructions and text on packaging and other marketing materials into the language of the intended country. Localisation integrates the product or service into both the language and culture of the intended country for effective marketing to the target audience.

Editing involves proofreading, but also checking syntax, style, inconsistencies, accuracy and readability. Sentences can be tweaked, words cut out, added or re-arranged. In some circumstances, a full rewrite may be required. As you can imagine, it is a lot more time-consuming than proofreading.

Voice of off-screen narrator heard while other visuals are on screen. I do the speaking in English and/or French; you do the rest.