Editing* or rewriting of:

  • Documents written directly in English by a native or near-native level English speaker
  • Good quality French to English translations

Summarising services are also available.

Please note, however, that I do not work with machine translations – ever. Also note that to be able to edit or rewrite a text, I must be able to understand it. That pretty much rules out anything to do with finance, law, and advanced scientific texts.

“Natasha is a trusted colleague who produces work of the highest quality. She has an eye for detail and precision that is unmatched (…)” – Emma Cypher-Dournes, Languedoc Translation

Can my eagle eye be of service to you? Contact me!


*What is editing? Editing involves proofreading, but also checking syntax, style, inconsistencies, accuracy and readability. Sentences can be tweaked, words cut out, added or re-arranged.
In some circumstances, a full rewrite is required. As you can imagine, editing is a lot more time-consuming than proofreading.