“I would like to thank you for your exemplary professionalism.
I was particularly impressed by your honest approach and your keen attention to customer satisfaction.
I really appreciated your professional and personal qualities.
It is a pleasure to work with you.”
Margarita Y., Management Consultant


“Natasha is a trusted colleague who produces work of the highest quality. She has an eye for detail and precision that is unmatched. She is my partner of choice on all my projects and I cannot recommend her highly enough. It is a pleasure to work with her.”
Emma Cypher-Dournes, Languedoc Translation, Freelance Translator


“We appreciate your professionalism and reliability, qualities that are essential within our organisation. As such, we are very happy to continue collaborating with you. Your work is faultless and I can tell you that is very rare.”
Francesca S., Editor-in-Chief


“I was extremely satisfied with the translation work you did for Meteo-France. (…) The speed at which you worked suited us perfectly. As a result, I highly recommend you to anyone who may need a fast and accurate translation.”
Patrick V., former Director of Quality


“Natasha Dupuy is reliable, efficient and very enthusiastic about her work. Dedicated and available, she is always ready to put in the effort required so that we may deliver quality documents in the sometimes very short leadtimes imposed by our clients. I recommend her services to you without the slightest hesitation.”
Philippe G., Partner at GCL Group


“Just to let you know that I thought your translation was very precise, well-written and punchy – just the kind of thing needed for this type of text.”
Susan S., Translator


“A short note to thank you for the work you did in translating the proposal. I think that your promptness was an important factor in us getting a firm order today: our clients appreciate responsiveness… and so do we!”
Jean-Pierre A., Company Director


“We received a very positive response from our editor, thank you for the good work!”
Brigit D., Project Manager


“Natasha, I wanted to tell you that you did a great job! Well done and THANK YOU for everything!”
Clara S., Sub-Editor


“Thank you, the piece was extremely well-written.”
Rémy B., General Practitioner


“I just wanted to tell you in person that your work suited me and it was perfect”
Eloi D., Researcher